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Download our documentation now and discover the TITAN modular and versatile manufacturer's switchboard.

TITAN original manufacturer's switchboard versatile, compact and scalable

TITAN is a versatile and adaptable switchboard that fits perfectly into small electrical rooms thanks to its optimised dimensions.

It can be upgraded for existing installations and allows the mixing of Functional Units with different mobility indexes.

Easy to upgrade and maintain

TITAN complies with the NF EN 61439-2 standard and is certified for natural ventilation. It is easy to maintain and guarantees scalability thanks to the presence of all the necessary components in the Functional Units.
Internal arc tests have been successfully carried out according to IEC/TR 61641. 

Support you throughout the life cycle of your equipment

Energy management within your facilities is essential to ensure that your productivity challenges are met.

The know-how of Comeca's teams is entirely dedicated to the proper functioning of your equipment, its optimisation and the improvement of its efficiency.


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