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Download our documentation now and discover the AllHydre range of rectifiers to power all electrolyser technologies.

A power rectifier dedicated to the green hydrogen production

The AllHydre rectifer range is a fully versatile solution ready to power all electrolyser technologies in range of 20 to 1000 kW.

This solution is a building block designed solution allowing high flexibility of current and voltage output, up to 750V / 2400A.

Benefits of AllHydre rectifiers

Compact and easy to use, their mechanical integration into your system is simplified.
Dual stage, high efficiency to provide both perfectly filtered DC and sinusoidal absorption on the grid.
Flexible and customisable, AllHydre rectifiers are tailored to your needs.

Supporting you throughout the life cycle of your equipment

Energy management within your installations is essential to ensure that your productivity challenges are met.

The know-how of Comeca’s teams is entirely dedicated to the proper functioning of your equipment, its optimisation and the improvement of its efficiency.


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