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mockup plaquette galaxis aperçu 22L


Download our documentation now and discover the withdrawable switchboard for motors.

GALAXIS, the withdrawable switchboard for motor protection and control

Galaxis is a switchboard of original manufacturer suitable for motor protection and control in sectors such as petrochemical, energy or heavy industries.

The use of the integrated management module GemStart5 allows Galaxis to become smart and manage critical parameters related to industrial processes.

The advantages of the Galaxis vertical busbars

Galaxis's vertical busbar is entirely cast in copper and protected by a resin. This manufacturing process offers excellent resistance to vibrations, seismic shocks and external electrical disturbances.

Additionally, it reduces maintenance costs and facilitates heat dissipation. The busbar is also flexible, allowing the replacement of functional units of different sizes.


GemStart5 intelligent device for
protection, control and monitoring

The GemStart5 is an intelligent, high-performance and cost-effective product designed for motor control in the process industries. Featuring accurate microprocessors and powerful, flexible hardware, it offers high levels of reliability, flexibility and scalability.

The GemStart5 can be used in global plant monitoring solutions and has a proven track record of more than 20 years in LV and MV process control systems in all types of industries around the world.

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